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by admin on December 30, 2009

Exciting news, folks. Social Web School is now part of the Human Capital League, a new online community for workplace professionals. Please adjust your coordinates accordingly. Come on over and look around. Sign yourself up and feel free to Add Your Blog to the content flow. (Instructions in the top navigation bar.) See you there.


When is it OK to Delegate and Automate in Social Media?

by Christine Gallagher on December 21, 2009

Qmark When is it OK to Delegate and Automate in Social Media?christinethumbI don’t think I would be anywhere near as productive as I am in social media today without having tools, systems and processes to monitor and organize my expanding network. They really have been the secret to my success, and of my clients’ success.  In the work that I do in social media, time management and feeling overwhelmed are always the biggest concerns that I hear—but they don’t have to be.

A Careful Balance

Automation is all about leveraging your time and energy, but often you will hear people say that this goes against the whole idea of social media being about building and nurturing relationships. However, there are ways to automate some of your social media efforts—without detracting from cultivating your authentic voice and personality when it comes to your online presence. [click to continue…]


“Brands are the stories that unite us all in a common purpose within an enterprise, and connect us with the people we serve on the outside. These brand stories give meaning to who we are and what we do.” – Mark Thomson

Social media outsourcing has been dubbed the next big thing — which could mean placing your brand in the trusted hands of outside agencies. Social media is about building relationships between your brand and your community — about listening to the conversation and engaging in it. As agencies are claiming to be social media experts, more companies are taking what I believe to be an easy route by outsourcing this function. But how well can they truly represent your brand? And more importantly, can they do it better than you can?

I challenged my esteemed colleague @AmandaVega (her blog Http://www.amandavegablog.com) and newcomer @mkarre to a throwdown on the topic of whether companies are better off outsourcing social media. Not surprisingly, @AmandaVega and @mkarre argued that outsourcing is the way to go. Why? Budgetary constraints, lack of resources and lack of social media knowledge. @AmandaVega states: “While most companies are really good at PUSHING messages, they aren’t very good at receiving them, or interacting in conversations that fall outside of the ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality. That’s another reason to assign this part of your marketing to the outside.”

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How to Use Static FBML to Customize Your Facebook Page

by William Smith on December 16, 2009

smiththumbThe vast majority of Facebook fan pages carry the same, standard “vanilla” look. You’ve got a wall, info tab, pictures, video and events. Every once in a while you will come across a page that stands out from the others. Perhaps they have a custom landing page, or some type of graphical box which has an offer. Facebook doesn’t make it very easy to learn how to add that functionality, and it took me quite some time to learn the technique.

What is FBML?

FBML is Facebook’s version of HTML, the language that web pages are written in. For the most part, a knowledge of HTML is all that is needed to utilize the functionality of the Static FBML application. This particular application, which was created by Facebook and can be added to your pages, allows you to create a “web page” within a tab or box that you can attach to your page. Sound complicated? It really isn’t, once you dig in and get started. [click to continue…]


13 Google Personalized and Real Time Search Resources for SEO and Pay-Per-Click

Google recently integrated personalized and real time search into their Search Engine Results Pages.  Since roughly 70% of searches occur on Google, it is imperative that Internet Marketers know and understand Google’s recent update to their Search Algorithm.  After reading through many articles on the subject dating back to early 2007, I wanted to share [...]

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5 Marketing Mantras for Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently attended Ali Brown’s 3-day Shine Event in Las Vegas.  Shine was a seminar all about marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development. The second day of the event was devoted to one of my fave topics—marketing.

Ali shared with us her top marketing “mantras,” and I thought they [...]

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Five Fundamental Website Design Principles

Disclaimer: not an actual Evo
web designer.

There are lots of approaches to website design. Other designers may legitimately find much to disagree with in this short list, or have items to add (please!). But these are the over-arching principles I try to adhere to in designing sites. At least they’re the ones I can think [...]

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Should you share the same content on multiple networks?

This week’s question is a common one we’ve come across when clients begin using multiple outlets for their content.
I’m using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (fan page, group and my personal account) to promote our site and the content we post on our blog. We also use YouTube for video. When I post a new video [...]

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New FTC Rules on Social Media Now in Effect – Are you Ready?

The Federal Trade Commission announced new rules for social media engagement. The Commission will be monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and several other social platforms to foster greater transparency among corporations using new social tools to connect with consumers. Here’s what the FTC will be watching:

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10 Questions Twitter Newbies Should Ask

Twitter is like sending a text message to the entire world. Twitter is what you make out of it. Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread.
I know you have heard it all and like most people, you are not convinced if Twitter is the tool you need in your life right now if you [...]

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