Tips for Designing your Facebook Page logo

by William Smith on November 13, 2009

smiththumbSummary: Facebook Page logos are an often overlooked, but important element to your Page’s design and success. Read tips and tricks for designing an attractive and effective Facebook Page logo.

While Facebook is an amazing place to market your business online (and reach millions of potential customers) there isn’t a whole lot of variety when it comes to the layout and design of your presence there. I’m speaking mostly about the options available for customizing your Facebook Page, the primary means for businesses to set up shop on Facebook.

There are however some little things you can do as a Facebook page administrator to spruce up the page and make it look unique. Here are a few of the elements of what I’d call a “good” Facebook Page.

Think outside of the “box” with your logo

After “fanning” your page the first time, most people never return. Instead, updates you post to your Facebook Page “Wall” show up on a users news feed, the page that individual Facebook users see when they first sign in each day. Those wall updates are represented by a miniature version of the picture you select when creating your page the first time (this icon by the way is 50×50).

Can you make out whats in this 50×50 square? Does it adequately communicate to your fans that the message they are reading comes from you? Are you using typography in your logo which is hard to read at a small size?

Here are a few examples of good Facebook Page logos, both at their natural and reduced (icon) size.

Attractive photo, smart use of logo
Attractive photo, smart use of logo

Victoria’s Secret “Pink” does a great job with their logo image. First, the girl in the picture is not only a model for Victoria’s Secret, who is wearing VS Pink clothes, but also one of the voices on their page. You can find video interviews and messages from her talking to fans as you browse Victoria’s Secrets Facebook Page.

You will also notice the orientation of the image itself – a rectangular, skyscraper with a squared off “PINK” at the bottom. Through clever use of cropping, this makes for a perfectly readable 50×50 square icon at small sizes.

Dunkin Donuts incorporates their fans
Dunkin Donuts incorporates their fans

Dunkin’ Donuts is doing the same type of thing with their logo, using the large D’s in a square as part of their rectangular image, but goes further by utilizing photos of their fans in their image.

Laying out the image

Taking these two successful Facebook Page logos as examples, here are some recommendations for creating your own.

First, the practical limits for your image are 200px wide by 600px high. Anything greater than that and you run the risk of your logo image being too large (both for Facebook and for downloading).

Next, make sure to leave room in your image for a squared off section that can be resized down evenly to 50×50. Since the practical width of a Facebook Page logo is 200px wide, consider a 200×200 square box for your image. See this marked up version of the Victoria’s Secret as an example.

Keep your image no wider than 200px and 600px high
Keep your image no wider than 200px and 600px high

As you can see, the “Pink” logo fits perfectly into the 50×50 size of a news feed icon, is readable, and contains none of the image of the model.

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