Sports prediction is now very popular. It is no secret that many sports fans, and in particular hockey, regularly place bets. And often the main purpose of the bet is not just to get the desired cash prize, but also to feel an additional excitement, risking your own money. However, it can be difficult even for an experienced bettor to predict the result of the upcoming game. Then there is a desire to familiarize with predictions for hockey. You can find both paid and free predictions on the Internet. So a logical question arises: does it make sense to overpay?

Why shouldn’t you buy paid forecasts?

At first glance, it might seem that paid predictions are much more valuable than free ones. After all, if you have to pay money for them, it means the information is particularly reliable. In most cases it is not true. Usually, paid forecasts are a complete alternative to free predictions. The only difference is that their author has decided to make extra money by selling the information. What’s more, no one can guarantee that such a forecast will turn out to be accurate or of good quality.

However, another situation is possible. Often, forecasts on match-fixing come up for sale. Of course, such predictions will turn out to be 100% reliable. But there is a huge disadvantage here: bookmakers do not really like those who bet on “fixed”. As a result, one of the following situations may arise:

  • the bet will simply be canceled without a refund;
  • the player will be blocked on the bookmaker’s website with no possibility to withdraw funds and restore the reputation.

Thus, the purchase of a paid forecast does not make any sense. The bettor will simply lose money and end up with a lot of problems with the bookmaker. Therefore, it is better to refuse such offers and use free predictions.

Where to look for accurate free predictions for hockey?

Nowadays, you can find just a huge number of hockey predictions on the Internet. This is not surprising: the popularity of this sport is increasing, and consequently, more and more bettors begin to bet and search for predictions.

However, the accuracy of most predictions is questionable. Now there are many people who can openly share their opinions, for example by publishing a post on a social network. Many predictions also appear on little-known forums that exist for only a few weeks and do not care about their reputation

Also, forecasts sometimes appear on the sites of bookmaker’s offices. Of course, sometimes they can be quite high quality. However, it’s important to take into account one nuance: any bookmaker is always interested in making a profit. It is therefore likely that the bookmaker’s site specifically published a forecast with erroneous information. The main task is to “push” the bettor to bet in a certain way, which will help bookmakers earn the desired amount. Therefore, the forecasts on such resources should also be perceived with a certain distrust and they should be critically analyzed.

The best choice would be the predictions on thematic sports forums. Moreover, you should only focus on forums that are well known. For example, many bettors choose the portal Scores24. This site has a lot of good reviews and has operated for a long time. There is a separate section of Ice hockey predictions, which regularly publishes only the latest information. According to the site’s regular readers, the forecasts are always accurate, so you can feel free to rely on them. In addition, at Scores24 bettors will find other useful information that will help them make bets. For example, there are reviews, standings, ratings, match schedules and much more.