Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. It lends its power to marketers who can use it to make their brands more popular and achieve more recognition. However, even though Instagram is a powerful tool, it won’t do the thinking and the work for you. You just have to beware of what you need to do and actually do it for Instagram as a marketing tool to work for you. There are certain steps that you should take in order to get the most out of the platform and in this article, I am going to talk about some of these steps.

As part of your marketing effort, you need to make your Instagram account compelling to the people you are trying to market your brand to. I’m guessing that you are not the only one on the whole Internet who is selling the product or service you sell. If that is the case, then I’m also betting that there are many other Instagram accounts out there trying to market the same commodities. Because of that, you need to make your account stand out from the rest. You need to give people a reason to visit your account and stay there. People can’t follow you if your account looks like any other account out there offering the same commodities. To be different, you will need to write a compelling bio. You can get someone help you with this part if you are not great with words. Alternatively, you can check out examples of some of the best bios on the internet and write yours based on them.

Next, you will need to upload a memorable profile picture.  You need to have a profile picture that someone can remember after they see it. There are several tools on the Internet that you can use to edit your profile picture so that it is memorable enough. Your profile picture is a strong advocate of your brand and it is why it should be great. You can hire a professional photographer to take nice shots of your storefront and edit it so that you can upload something that will make you happy yourself.

You will also need to connect your website to your Instagram account. You should ensure that your website is designed well with all the functionalities that your customers need to have a good experience browsing through it. You should have a shopping cart and a reliable means of payment for customers to shop and pay for your products.

Since we already established that you are not the only one in your industry who deals in what you sell or do, it is important to recognize other players too. You need to identify some of the most powerful players in your industry within your locality and follow them on Instagram. This is a way of making yourself noticeable to their followers. Some of their followers will check your account out and who knows, they may like your business, probably better than your competitor. That is a good way to get free followers without having to do too much work

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