Eyebrows have other functions besides aesthetics, some of them very important. For example, they help us to protect our eyes from rain, sweat, solar radiation, or any other harmful agent such as dust. Furthermore, eyebrows are an essential element of our face since they make our face change altogether. Eyebrows can completely change our expression. Therefore, the eyebrow has vital importance in the face, and when it comes to eyebrows, we should not be influenced by trends.

Moreover, not everyone looks good with the same eyebrows, as it all depends on your face, eyes, nose, and even your eyebrows. For example, very few people tend to have symmetrical eyebrows and both parts of their face, something we don’t usually think about when getting our eyebrows done.

Our face is asymmetrical; that’s why you can never do an exactly equal plucking of both eyebrows as you would be making a complete mistake. There is a mistake for not having a culture of eyebrows and is to compare one with the other. It is necessary to work and achieve maximum symmetry because we always have one eye smaller than the other. The space between eyelids is also different from the other; there is more than in the other in one. Also, the hair does not grow in the same way, constantly changing the left eyebrow of the right. The growth of the left eyebrow is usually behind the right one.

A widespread mistake is to pluck or altogether remove the eyebrows. This can be very dangerous, in addition to the fact that it is not aesthetically advisable at all. First of all, remember that eyebrows are an element that our body needs, so their primary function is to protect our eyes. Therefore, you should not remove them altogether.

Something you can do is pluck your eyebrows according to a pattern or style that goes according to your face and the characteristics of your eyebrows. In this case, we recommend that you shape the inner edges of your eyebrows. This can be done very quickly: place a makeup brush vertically on the side of your nose; then, using the brush as a reference, remove the hairs located between your eyebrows outside the line marked by the brush.

Not all women are lucky and have perfect full eyebrows. The hair is often fabulous and not very dense, but you can counteract the problem using a particular eyebrow color to make them perfect. The advantage is that eyebrow tinting products are stain-resistant, water-resistant, last up to six weeks, and can be done quickly and easily at home.

Many people apply eyebrow tinting products that are often harmful. Therefore, we suggest you avoid using beauty products of dubious quality or results in the case of eyebrows. In some cases, the best eyebrow tinting products are more expensive products. However, it is worth buying them to ensure that your eyebrows will be in good condition. On the contrary, consult a certified specialist who can guide you in this regard. Eyebrows should be done every three weeks or so because they begin to deform.

You should not neglect your eyebrows, so it is best to go to a professional or specialist if necessary. Do not experiment or consider your eyebrows as a dispensable area whose wellbeing is not essential.