Artificial intelligence is infiltrating more and more places. Social media platform Yubo has partnered with artificial intelligence developer Yoti to use AI technology for safer social media.

Yubo and Yoti Work Together

Yubo and Yoti are both well-known names in their respective spaces.

Yubo is a social media app that launched in 2015, and has grown to have more than 60 million users in just seven years. The app is particularly popular among users who were born between the 1990s and 2010s.

Yoti has been developing artificial intelligence algorithms for years. The company’s algorithms are widely used throughout multiple industries to validate user age. It also has document signing and access management software, although most customers rely on its age verification software.

Yubo and Yoti initially partnered together in 2019, when Yubo used Yoti’s software to check suspicious accounts on the app. Yoti’s software was then piloted with users aged 13 and 14, and is now used for all new accounts.

Age Verification for New Users

As mentioned, Yoti’s AI software is primarily used to verify new users’ ages. After users upload a brief video and a photo of themselves, the software analyzes each to confirm age. The video is used to confirm the photo, and the photo is what’s analyzed for actual age verification.

Since the software needs nothing other than a video and a photo, users don’t have to provide any personal details beyond what the app already asks for. The process is also instantaneous, not causing any notable delay in the sign-up process.

Even though it relies only on visuals, AI technology has proven to be highly reliable. Its accuracy stands at 98.9 percent across skin tones, genders, and ages. It’s also able to estimate the ages of children within 1.5 years or less.

Instant age verification is partly why Yubo has grown so quickly. The app is most popular among younger adults, who expect near-instant responses. The age verification step doesn’t appear to have prevented this group from signing up for the social media app.

For the small number of users who don’t immediately receive AI age verification, Yubo has an alternative process by which users can manually validate their ages. The alternative process requires some additional details.

Major Platforms Are Taking Note

The use of artificial intelligence for social media age verification was novel back in 2019 when the two companies initially launched it. As Yubo has expanded the use of AI, other social media platforms have been considering similar measures.

More notably, Instagram expects to use AI for age verification by the end of 2022. Other platforms will likely follow suit.

Yubo and Yoti Continue to Work Together

Yubo and Yoti are continuing to partner, as they further advance the use of AI for user age verification. The two companies will likely be at the forefront of this throughout the coming years.

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